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Dagstuhl Online Seminar Application
Winter 2023/24
Submission is currently closed.
Important Dates
Submission opens on Sunday, October 15, 2023.
Submission closes on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, Anywhere on Earth.
Proposals must be completed by Friday, November 10, 2023, Anywhere on Earth.
Preferred and blocked meeting dates must be provided by Friday, January 26, 2024, Anywhere on Earth.
You are notified of our review decision by email in February 2024.
The next submission round is open from April 1, 2024, until April 15, 2024.
Seminar Dates
  • Approved proposals with up to 30 participants are likely to be scheduled between September 2024 and February 2025.
  • Approved proposals with up to 45 participants are likely to be scheduled between February and August 2025, with two additional dates currently still available in the beginning of November 2024 and January 2025.
Important Notes
Successor Seminars
  • Discuss the results achieved by the predecessor seminar, the questions which remain open, and how your proposed seminar will be informed by that.
  • This is especially important if the predecessor seminar was adversely affected by the pandemic which hindered the realization of the full potential of an unaffected Dagstuhl Seminar.
  • Give an overview of what has changed in comparison with your previously rejected proposal.
  • Discuss the feedback received and how you addressed it while reworking the proposal.
Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to prepare for my submission?
A complete submission should contain the following four parts:
  1. The proposal metadata (like title, authors, etc).
  2. A two-page CV for each organizer as a single PDF file.
  3. The complete proposal as a single PDF file.
  4. A CSV file containing the list of invitees.
  5. Optionally, a list of preferred dates and block-out dates for your proposed seminar.
More details can be found in our general submission instructions .

How does the submission process work?
  1. To start the submission process, click on the "Submit" button if it is available. If it is not available, you need to wait until the next submission round opens.
  2. If you are not signed in yet, you are redirected to the login page where you can use your DOSA credentials to log in, reset your password, or register for a new DOSA account, if you do not have one yet. You can log in or register using the authentication menu with the user icon at the top of the page. If you are not signed in yet, you are redirected to sign in with your existing DOSA account. Click on "Register" to sign up with a new account.
  3. Enter the required basic data for your new proposal and click on "Create". All data entered here can also be changed later on.
  4. Fill in all required metadata.
    • Note that your input is continuously validated and saved. Invalid input, however, has to be fixed in order to have the latest changes saved again.
    • You do not have to complete your submission in one session. You can come back to wherever you left off at any time for as long as the deadlines allow. You can find your proposals under the menu item "My Proposals" at the top of the page.
    • While editing the metadata, the current submission status, e.g. "Metadata-Ready", "Camera-Ready", is continuously updated and displayed.
  5. All proposals with metadata completed by the appropriate deadline will be considered by Dagstuhl's staff. You may check the metadata and the submission status of your proposal at any time in the "Show" view.
  6. For finalizing your camera-ready proposal, please upload the proposal text, all organizer CVs, and the list of invitees.
  7. All camera-ready proposals will be reviewed by Dagstuhl's Scientific Directorate. Review decisions are communicated via email. Status information within DOSA only applies to the submission phase.
More details can be found in our general submission instructions .

How do I withdraw a submission?
Please, contact if you would like to withdraw a submitted proposal.

How am I notified of the review decision?
More details on the notification process can be found in our information on the proposal submission and review process .

What comes next if my proposal is accepted?
More details on seminar preparations can be found in our information for organizers .